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Frequently Asked

How we work?

Over the last 14 years, we have developed an 8-step process that walks teams and individuals to achieve their outcome. 

We believe every person, team, and organization had the right and potential to live their Purpose. Because of this, we leverage what people know, have, and influence to obtain and sustain what’s next. Through coaching, we provide powerful questions, create awareness, and discovery. We create measurable goals, practical structure, and meaningful community to secure the next phase of evolution.

What is the time frame for coaching?

Each timeframe is tailored differently for each company and/or individual based upon their goals and trajectory.


Is coaching confidential?

Coaching is confidential between the coach and the client. Whether the client is a company, team, or individual. 

How can executive coaching help leaders in companies and other settings?

Coaching assist leaders, managers and teams to access and connect them with their strengths, gifting’s, and talents to best serve their organizations and communities.

What other services does TCG offer?

Aside from our individual and team coaching, we offer Master courses, assessments, and training/ workshops to managerial staff. 

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