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Our Leadership Enhancement courses are designed to be four session courses that provide practical and ready-to-use tools that enhance your leadership abilities. Each course is broken down into four 75 minute sessions over the span of four weeks. Each 75 minute session is packed with applicable methods, strategies, and insights to build the leader NOW. Registration is $395 per course.  

All session begin at 11 am (EST)

Project Managing

Project managing can be overwhelming. This course is design to take the fog of project managing and make it clear and manageable.



Winning at Conflict:

Conflict management can produce a win/win outcome if managed successfully. This course tackles the misconceptions of conflict and replaces them with successful steps to achieve more win/win outcomes. 



Finding Balance in Success

Our coaching provides support for leaders and up-and-coming leaders looking for personal life balance as they pursue career success. Our coach approach helps leaders to keep the main thing, the main thing.

Leadership Challenges

Our coaching provides help to leaders who are in the midst of trying challenges and desire to see positive outcomes. With steady and reachable goals, TCG looks to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Team Coaching

Our coaching provides awareness to strengths within the team and the means to capitalize on those strengths. Through coaching, the team is provided with the necessary tools to move from a group of leaders to a powerful and effective team who is focused on achieving the set goals.


Personal Growth

Our coaching provides help to persons looking to move into the next chapter of their lives. We do this through powerful questions, accountability, and with reachable, realistic and measurable goals. Remember: Where you are, is not the end of your story… There is much more to come!

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Getting the best out of your TEAM:

Teams and staffers have potential to create a successful culture. Leaders leverage what they control to impact their team for organizational Success.   
Course Outline
  1. Changing your Line of Sight
    1. Seeing your team as winning
    2. Seeing teammates as Key players vs employees
    3. Maximizing Strengths over Skills 
  1. Providing Clear Goals
    1. SMART Goals
    2. STRECH Goals
    3. Team BHAGs
  1. Understanding Feedback 
    1. The Power of Feed-Forward information 
    2. Giving Space for New Ideas
    3. Leader Ownership vs Team Blame 
  1. Celebrating the Moments
    1. Short-term and Long-term 
    1. Celebrating the Person 
    2. Win Structures
    3. Value Systems 

Maximizing Your Influence

Every leader has influence. However the measure of their influence is determined on the way they manage what they control (themselves). Self management leads leaders to greater influence with those they manage, serve, and serve alongside.
Course Outline
  1. Understanding Influence
    1. Identifying what one:
      1. Controls 
      2. Influence
      3. Do not Control or Influence  
  1. Self Care
    1. Personal Growth 
    2. Understanding your Strengths
    3. Self Goals
  1. Speech 
    1. Builder Speech 
    2. Solution Mindset
    3. Feed Forward 
  1. Actions
    1. Rule Number One (Take care of your own Responsibility)
    2. Rule Number Two (Help People)
    3. Celebrating those around you

Coaching Skills for Managers:

Every manager/leader of people can add coaching tools to better there team productivity. Coaching skills help move the leader from the person who has to have the answers, to the person who  develops those around them to discover their solution for success. These skill are designed to help the leader develop internal solutions, action, and accountability within their staff. 

Course Outline
  1. Communicating Effectively 1:
    1. Active Listening
  1. Communicating Effectively 2:
    1. Powerful Questions
    2. Direct Communication 
  1. Facilitating Learning and Results 1:
    1. Creating Awareness
    2. Designing Action 
  1. Facilitating Learning and Results 2:
    1. Planning and Goal Setting
    2. Managing Progress and Accountability 

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