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Our Team

Helping you channel your full potential

Joshua Torres

Josh Torres is a respected advisor, and coach recognized expert in the field, with a passion for identifying the tools and skills executives, need to act. He is committed to helping individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations achieve results by capitalizing on their leadership potential. Utilizing a systems approach, he employs a series of assessment tools to pinpoint critical behavioral goals, provides direct, targeted feedback and coaches with a specific development plan. His method creates a cycle of action and learning, leading to sustained improvements in performance.

Joshua received his B.A and M.A from the University of Valley Forge and his Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He holds a number of coaching certifications such as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation, Conflict Management Coach from The Center for Conflict Dynamics, and CPMC (Certified People Management Coach) from the Workplace Coach Institute. Joshua has spent the last 14 years coaching Pastors, Missionaries, Entrepreneurs, Teams, and Business Leaders to effectively impact their community and market.

Christina Torres

Christina Torres is a professional personal, career, and executive coach who has spent years helping individuals to create success that’s meaningful. To Christina, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing her coaching is causing transformation her client’s lives. Through her coaching, clients find their passion in a new light; that takes their life, goals, and career to the next level. 

Christina brings a multi-disciplined focus to her work.  She takes a direct, result driven approach focusing on skill gaps, building emotional intelligence, and leading to impact and influence. Christina believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing her clients take themselves, their teams, and their organizations to new levels of awareness, discernment, and performance. She focuses on creating immediate impact, measurable results, and sustainable change. That’s the real transformation. Christina received her B.A and her Masters in Organizational Leadership from the University of Valley Forge.


Our Mission

Torres Coaching Group exist to empower people, teams, and organizations to live their Purpose. Because of this, TCG leverages what people know, have, and influence to obtain and sustain what’s next. Through coaching, we provide powerful questions, create awareness, and discovery. We create measurable goals, practical structure, and meaningful community to secure the next phase of evolution.

Services Offered

Coaching, consulting, and teaching work

Coaching, consulting, and teaching work in concert with one another. In addition to coaching, TCG can use consulting as a platform that leads to coaching.

Team Assessments

TCG also provide team assessments such as 360s, DiSC, and Myers Briggs.

Leadership Development Training

TCG can provide training in the areas of leadership development training, conflict management, mediation, and work culture development.

Coaching Skills Training

TCG can offer classes on coaching skills to first time managers.  

Our Approach

TCG, with its Fourteen years, experience broadening from global to religious organizations. Working with teams at national and district levels is a firm for business executives seeking to accelerate their performance and that of their organizations. Provocative and enlightening, the input will open eyes to self-created barriers, dramatically increase effectiveness as a leader and inspire bold action and breakthrough results. Whether it’s a transition to a new C-Suite role, determination to achieve business results at a new level or perhaps desire to create the next chapter of career.

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