Leadership Challenges

Leaders have a vision, bringing them to fruition can be a challenge. There are drawbacks, some a leader can handle on their own whereas others might bring them to an impasse. This is where a leader would bring in a coach. This coach will come alongside the leader, help them to refocus, see the big picture.


The life of a modern-day leader is not easy. Inside their organizations, they need to lead and motivate a diverse group of people, work across organizational boundaries, improve communication, and achieve growth. Externally, they face a complex and globalized environment; they have to manage the requirements of government, keep up with competitors, and meet the expectations of other stakeholders. And within this global environment, there are many cultural considerations leaders must face to be creative. They must work across cultural boundaries and alongside others who, at times, are very different from them and have different ways of getting work completed.


To help leaders clarify these issues, we at Torres Coaching Group invest in the leaders, to discover the main challenges. Weather they around the globe and whether the challenges are from directly within. The findings will not only help practicing leaders understand what they and others around the world are going through, but also equip and bring forth initiatives to ensure that developmental opportunities are appropriately targeted.


Leadership is not about knowing it’s about learning. New leaders typify the shift from a working manager to a learning leader right from the start. As they work to cultivate an open mind and flexibility, they must also demonstrate a commitment to relentless self-improvement—that means applying continuous learning toward competency, excellence, and greatness.


With coaching leadership tackles challenges:


  • Support employee engagement and job satisfaction, reducing turnover.
  • Enhance performance and improve productivity.
  • Build a more-effective, cohesive, and trusting team
  • Give themselves more time to do strategic, leadership-oriented work because their team will be productive and engaged.
  • Understand the fundamental difference between managing and coaching.
  • Enhance their reputation as leaders.


With your antenna fully extended, your followers will lead you to identify problems before their time. The organizational culture will show you and the market will signal to you. People, culture, budgets and balance sheets will tell a story, and you will engage your leadership mind to pore over and analyze the story.


Be grateful and appreciate the story, the substrate of problems, mistakes, ambiguity and the like. This is the arena of development and contribution. With coaching, leaders get to become more valuable while practicing their craft.