Finding Balance

Success should come with a warning label.

There are always time and financial sacrifices when we are pursuing professional success. If our partners aren’t on board and accepting of those sacrifices, they won’t want anything to do with our success.

When loved ones get asked to “wait,” to “be patient” or to “just hold on” for a little while, they are usually happy to. However, when that request becomes an expected habit and they are continually being put on the back burner, their response changes.

We can’t stop time.

Kids have recitals and baseball games. Parents get older. Our health can often be an unexpected sacrifice in our quest for success.

We Can’t Afford to Put Our Work-Life Balance on Standby.

This is the mistake that so many of us make when we’re dreaming our dreams and working toward the pinnacle of professional success.

It’s not that we forget about our relationships or stop caring about them. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

We have to set boundaries at work.

Saying “no” at work is terrifying, but that isn’t a reason to say “yes.”

It feels like we are putting our job and professional success in jeopardy…the same kind of jeopardy we put our relationships, our families, and our health in when we say no to them.

We fear to risk our livelihoods by making any other choice in our professional lives. That fear traps us into giving our professional responsibilities more control over our personal lives than they are entitled to.

We might have to sacrifice some professional success.

Know that having boundaries and limits in our professional lives will have a cost. Someone scrambling behind you may be willing to pull that 80 hour work week, and they may get the next promotion.

That’s ok.

Compromises cannot only be made on one side of the scale.

It may take longer to get to where you want to be. You might have to change your timeline. Hell, you might be required to take a different route altogether.

Short-Term success means nothing if long-term failure is in your future.