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Clarity – Action – Results

Torres Coaching Group (TCG) collaborates with leaders, teams, executives, and entrepreneurs, helping them navigate change and uncertainty by leveraging their strengths and addressing behavior and skills that may hamper their success. Together, they work to envision a clear path and determine the right tools to use to navigate a new plan successfully.


TCG Offers Impactful Solutions

Executive assessments and coaching to groups and individual executives Identifying and addressing leadership strengths and opportunities for development practice transforming experience into learning opportunities creating leadership development plans, integrating values & strengths, defining goals and tracking progress consulting organizations, with emphasis on individual self-awareness and team-building addressing blind spots and challenges, leading to breakthroughs in thinking, leadership effectiveness, and business results.

TCG utilizes
career assessment tools:

DISC Personal Assessment Tool

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Conflict Management


What Coaching Can Offer

Finding Balance in Success

Our coaching provides support for leaders and up-and-coming leaders looking for personal life balance as they pursue career success. Our coach approach helps leaders to keep the main thing, the main thing.

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Leadership Challenges

Our coaching provides help to leaders who are in the midst of trying challenges and desire to see positive outcomes. With steady and reachable goals, TCG looks to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Team Coaching

Our coaching provides awareness to strengths within the team and the means to capitalize on those strengths. Through coaching, the team is provided with the necessary tools to move from a group of leaders to a powerful and effective team who is focused on achieving the set goals.

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Personal Growth

Our coaching provides help to persons looking to move into the next chapter of their lives. We do this through powerful questions, accountability, and with reachable, realistic and measurable goals. Remember: Where you are, is not the end of your story… There is much more to come!

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Our Awesome Team


Dr. Joshua Torres, PCC

Managing Partner, Executive Coach

Josh is committed to helping individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations achieve results by realigning their leadership potential. Utilizing a systems approach, he employs a series of assessment tools to accelerate development and performance, offering targeted feedback and creating development plans. Josh’s coaching method creates a cycle of action and learning, leading to sustained improvements in performance.

Christina Torres, AGAC

Partner, Executive Coach

Christina is a professional personal, career, and executive coach who has spent years helping individuals to create success that’s meaningful. To Christina, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing her coaching is causing transformation her client’s lives. Through her coaching, clients find their passion in a new light; that takes their life, goals, and career to the next level.

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